Success of our company is based on modern and reliable fleet that is a firm working tool as driven by experienced and carefully selected drivers.


Willing to meet customer requirements and increasing the level of provided services, we regularly replace our fleet with newer vehicles. We cooperate with the trusted vehicle repair station where failures are repaired as soon as possible under supervision of experts in order to make our vehicles be always ready for operation.

Vehicles are equipped with the GPS navigation system and a GSM mobile phone on a regular basis allowing us to be in continuous touch with our drivers and monitor location of vehicles and items you entrusted to us. All vehicles meet EU safety standards and the EURO 4 and EURO 5 environmental standards.

Our fleet consists of the following vehicles:

  1. Single vehicles with volume capacity of 48 - 50 cbm and loading capacity of 4 tons. 
    When time is crucial or getting to a location of loading or unloading is impeded, our Mercedes vehicles are the best option.
  2. Vehicle-trailer sets with volume capacity of 95 - 120 cbm and loading capacity of 6 - 22 tons. 
    These are specialized sets of Mercedes Atego and Axor with up to 38 mieszczące do 38 pallet postions. 
  3. Tarpaulin trucks with volume capacity of 25 cbm and loading capacity of 1.5 tons.
  4. These vehicles are used for express delivery for a next day.
  5. Low Deck trucks with MEGA 13.6 trailers to transport loads high up to 3 m.